How to earn income online – A must read post!

How to earn income online

Whether you want easy online money…


make extra money online…


take your blogging to the bank…

If you want to earn substantial income online – it will take hard work and persistence. Sweat equity is what counts when you want to earn income online!

This week I am dedicating posts on how to earn income online. This is really not a ‘how to’ guide since I really am not qualified… yet… but a ‘how to’ as in what my path is and what my goals are. This is based on my limited experience, knowledge and education as a new online entrepreneur and what I’ve experienced in the past 5 weeks. Don’t laugh – I’m not an expert, but I’ve learned alot and I’ve questioned the guidance of many online opportunities on the web! Are they scams or are they legitimate sources of information on how to earn income online.

5 weeks ago is when I made a huge commitment to myself on learning as much as I can on how to earn income online! I’m not an expert – but I will be. So this is a post on taking stock on where I am now, so I can appreciate it in the future when I take stock on where I am then!

“The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.” –Dale Carnegie

Easy online money ventures will only bring a few pennies a week; possibly some extra cash every month, but what I’ve learned is: you can earn income online and make it a substantial income at that!

My two bits of inspiration came a year ago when I came across Steve Pavlina’s blog and his 7,000 word article/blog post, “How to make money from your blog“. At that point I realized that I was not ‘blogging’ to the best of my ‘financial’ ability. For years I have been a blogger and it never occurred to me that I could earn income online through blogging! Sure, blogging to me was easy, but in order to make extra money online and make it a substantial income, I had to do more than blog! And I love to blog!

Well, I did not know the first thing about monetizing my blog and I was ‘looking’ for ways to monetize my time on the web and find a way to earn income online and make extra money online!

Method Fest Award Ceremony for  "First Time"I am a writer. I was born a writer. But that’s not what I eventually became. I became a financial analyst by necessity: because it was the right thing to do – I thought. But deep down inside I wanted to be a writer – a full time writer.

I worked and earned my certificate in Screenwriting at UCLA and wrote many screenplays and short scripts. Every single short script that I wrote and produced has been accepted to film festivals all across the country! Every feature script I submitted to a screenwriting competition has made quarterfinals, semi-finals, and even a finalist in one of the ‘big three’ as they called them, back in the late 90s (The Chesterfield Fellowship). I never sold a ‘script’ but I had success as screenwriter.

After a ‘True (personal) Hollywood Story’ deflated my ambition to continue the screenwriting path, I decided to focus on my career  (which I hated) and make ‘twice my age’ in salary – which was a goal since college. When I did that and a lot more (I’m 42) I realized I was not happy. Money shouldn’t be ‘the ultimate goal’. Living a life you want to live should! Of course money helps, but if that’s the goal so what? Rob a bank. Get the money. Once you have it – so what? A real goal is not about ‘the money’ its about your life.

Again, the money was good, but for what? Really – what was it all for when I was miserable every day and I was just going through the motions of living life, eating, sleeping, and taking care of my family. There was no other purpose!

Wow, this isn’t a mini-biography or a feel for me story, its just a glimpse at my road to finally doing what I have always wanted to do for many-many years! I can proudly proclaim – I am a full time writer and by being one, I am learning how to earn income online and its not just easy online money or to make extra money online. It’s to create a living!

It sounds like a contradiction – money shouldn’t be the goal but how to earn income online is the name of this post. Here’s the brutal truth – I am a full time writer and I am learning how to earn income online by being a writer! What a concept! I blog, I make money. I love to write so I write and I earn income online!  I am doing what I love to do, and there is potential to create whatever wealth I want to create from it.

Believe me, I never thought I’d be a writer on the Internet or that I would earn income online writing. The Internet was in its infancy in the 80s, and we did not even know the potential – it definitely was NOT what it is today. And the 80s is when I had the writer aspiration! I also did not know I would eventually be a screenwriter; I always thought I was going to be a novelist. I was going to write the next great American spy novel! Seriously! That was my dream and I realized today, after having lunch with a friend, sister and my wife, that I will eventually write that spy novel!

The point is: I can write full time as I earn income online.

Did I realize I would be an online article writer or blogger? Heck no – there was no such thing as an online article or blogger in college. But here I am today, an online article writer and blogger: I am a full time writer who is learning how to earn income online and sharing the ‘how to’ on how to earn income online!

I digress… here’s how it all started. This is how I realized I could earn income online, even at the time it was to only make extra money online.


I found my 2nd bit of inspiration – offered the opportunity for a writer, any writer, to write whenever and pretty much whatever they wanted! The benefit was that by writing for, writers could earn income online. You, the writer, are ‘rated’ by your peers, and if you write quality articles you can be paid more ways than one! At the time I write this article/blog post I have written 214 (+2 today) articles for My ‘writing score’ is 80.4% and I have 4 writing stars to my name. Of those 214 articles, 12 of them are considered ‘creative writing’ with a Creative Writing score of 84.5%. I write a lot of articles on self-improvement, career, motivation and leadership strategies. That was my niche – it is easy and fun to write.

My writing scores may not mean alot to you, but it means alot to me. By being “rated” or “judged” by my writing peers on, my writing scores are remarkably high for 214 articles. This means I am ranked in the top 80th percentile, on average, in quality, for the titles/subjects I have written for. It is validation that yes, I can actually write and write well. It’s almost like SEO and your drive to get up the Google rank. If there are 5 articles, I am #1. If there are 10 articles written for a title, I am #1 or #2. If there are 100, I’m in the top 20. It’s a good place to be – the top!

Writing well means more potential to earn income online – even in this case its to make extra money online!

So in August of 2009 I found My ability to earn income online grew and grew – just by doing a simple thing like writing.  It made me realize that a day job doing financial analysis was actually holding me back from my passion – writing – and the benefit – taking blogging to the bank as I like to say! I was able to write and earn income online! That was better than number crunching (for the lack of a better word) on a daily basis.

My Helium income grew every month: (HungryHungryWriter’s Articles)

August 2009: $7.00 (and I was so excited)
September 2009: $63.30 (I was able to cash out for the first time!)
October 2009: $66.03
November 2009: $99.01
December 2009: $163.35
January 2010: $237.65
February 2010: $252.78 (a short month and a month dedicated on Blogging articles)
as of March 8, 2010: $42.99 (2 articles and the rest AdSharing)

I want to replace the above with a whole lot more – blogging to the bank in order to earn income online and not just to make extra money online. To me, that was easy online money. No work involved really. Just a couple articles a day here and there.

Now, I crunch numbers in a different way. By finding out my keyword density per post in order to drive my website’s page rank up the Google ranks in order to bring traffic in through organic searches or organic SEO! I am basically a ‘do it yourself SEO‘ guy and it is hella’ alot of fun! This is how work is supposed to be right? Like it’s not work at all!

I did not know anything about organic searches or Search Engine Optimization 5 weeks ago and have a list of SEO books to read. January 31, 2010, was my leap of faith. And that leap of faith made me learn several things:


Adwords, keyword density, SEO, SEM, keyword analysis, downgrading WordPress blog versions, uploading WordPress themes, FTP with Cyberduck, Google AdSense, Amazon/MacUpdate/Writer’s Store affiliates, Bidvertiser, back linking, pinging, keywords, tags, plugins, page ranks, RSS feeds, PodCast feeds, and a whole lot more.

All this in 5 weeks and I am still going to average 30-40 articles for! This is how to earn income online. No, you do not have to write for, but you do have to dive headfirst and learn as much as you can in order to make it happen.

So what’s my point? Why am I writing this post called “How to Earn Income Online?

I guess it is to tell you, ‘there is no easy online money making system.’ Unless you think learning the above is ‘easy’.

Personally, it is easy for me (because I enjoy it!) as I learn the ropes – it needs to be harder because the harder it gets, and the more committed and persistent I am to earn income online, the more income I will make! Just for writing and learning! Wow!

If this were just a way to make extra money online then it is still a really good way. But that’s not my goal! My goal is to make a living as a writer and learn how to earn income online – and this is a great way to live life! I’m already a full time writer, why not get paid to do it? No, its not traditional, but is it fun? Yes. Is there a way to earn a living? Yes. Am I doing it right now? Yes.

I mean I blogged for years and never made a dime! And I loved it! Now I still love it and I’m making a dime or two! Sometimes twenty!

I will also be completely honest with you and share what I learn and provide future bloggers insight that they may find intimidating from the gurus of blogging like Steve Pavlina and John Chow. If you have a question just ask! Just like I stated in this article/post, “Motivation in the work place – Ask for help“.

Which brings me directly to John Chow and the reason I took a leap of faith.

I put my faith in a free “Make Money Online” eBook John Chow has on his website, John Chow dot Com. I guess you can say John Chow was my ‘3rd bit of inspiration’. This inspiration was the actual start. This is what inspired me to believe that I can do it. The book has great insight – does it have everything you need to know to make $5,000 a month online? No. But, it gets you started in the right direction and that right direction puts you directly in the path to all the ways on how to earn income online.

The resources on the Internet are incredible – but here’s the drama: most people, even those desperate to earn income online, won’t do 10% of the work involved in order to make that happen! Make that, they won’t do the 5% of the work. But even if you do 20% of the most important work, I believe it leads to the substantial income that most people sit and dream about (that’s the Pareto Principle talking). If you do 95% of the work required – wow, incredible things will happen. Again, 95% of the people who want it, won’t even do 5% of the easiest work guaranteed!

Jim Rohn said it best: “The millionaire says to a thousand people,”I read this book and it started me on the road to wealth.”Guess how many go out and get the book? Very few. Isn’t that incredible? Why would everyone get the book? A mystery of life.”

You see, I was afraid to learn about SEO and start keyword analysis in order to move my blog to the top of Google’s search. I put it off for three weeks because it meant learning something new and foreign and it was going to be hard work and a tedious task. Well, I dived head-first and I’ve learned a lot. I actually love it! It opened up another door of opportunity – I want to be an SEO expert! By striving to this goal, it maximizes my efforts on my goal to earn income online! Understanding SEO will help me, it will help anyone, take his or her blogging to the bank!

I don’t want to be the majority of people who won’t even do 5% of the work. I believe I’ve done alot of work – but I know I’m far from 20%. I am going to do more and more every single day, and I will because my goal is to earn income online by writing. I have set time limits and goals. Some seem far-fetched but I’m dreaming a big dream and that’s to earn income online and make it big! So what if only small dreams are realized along the way!

My goal is not to just make extra spending money, but a substantial income where I can take my blogging to the bank!

Is this an easy online money venture? Heck no! Anything easy leads to small rewards. I want big rewards – and that means hard work! My job as a financial analyst was an easy job. Long hours didn’t make it hard, it just meant a lot of work. The work wasn’t hard, the hours, the time spent from home, the hatred for the job – that was bad. Doing the work was the easy part. There were no big rewards. Salary was nice – but that wasn’t ‘rewarding’. Why? Because it was so damn easy to do a financial analysis that I could do it in my sleep! I just hated doing it, which made 8-10 hour days hell! Even if I worked a 3 hour day it was hell! Because I hated it! Even if I worked 1 hour on a work from home day it was hell – why? BECAUSE I HATED FINANCIAL ANALYSIS!

Sounds weird? Well, it’s easy to sort through trash that comes by you on a conveyor belt isn’t it? A child could probably do it. But do it for 10 hours straight and it is not fun. It’s hell (for most). Some find fulfillment in it because of the check at the end of the week – and that’s their goal.

Not mine!

Does this mean I am only aiming at a goal to make extra money online? Nope – because if that was my goal I would still have a day job that gave me a stomach ulcer because I hated it, where I worked 60 hours a week and was ‘told’ (in a guilt ridden speech in the form of a brain screw and obvious management manipulation) that I could not leave to visit a family member admitted to the hospital at 8PM on a Friday night. See, the job was easy, the management, the lack of leadership skills, and the ridiculous demands were stupid!

Writing full time is my way of life. Living the dot com lifestyle is my dream! I’ve dreamed of this The HungryHungryWriteropportunity for 12 years. The thing I didn’t realize was this: that I can write for a living and determine how much money I can make while I learn how to earn income online. This is all ‘on me’ – not a movie studio, book publisher, or a boss demanding my 10 hour days. This is all on me! I can determine whether I want to earn income online through easy online money making opportunities in order to make extra money online, or if I want to do what Steve Pavlina and John Chow have done in order to earn income online and make it a lifestyle. It is all up to me.

Can I do it? Can I earn income online?

Here’s my thing: have I ever failed at anything? Yes. Of course. But did that ever make me quit? Nope! It just makes me want to work harder. Am I going to fail at this? Nope – not as far as I’m concerned.

There are things I’ve said I’d do in my life that I have accomplished. So I have to have confidence that when I say I’m going to do what I’m about to do that I will accomplish it. Some of those things:

Start and Finish a Triathlon
Run a marathon by age 40 (I did it at one day before my 40th birthday)
Have kids and a family
Marry Donna
Coach Little League Baseball
Make 6 figures in one year
Make alot of money in the stock market
Race a BMX bike in a race (at age 30 I did that)
Tap dance on stage
Get my black belt in Okinawa Te Karate
Become a magician member at the World’s Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood
Own a comic book store
Write and produce a movie

I can go on and on…

So why not this, why not me, and why not now?

I guess I’m trying to justify my own being because I need motivation just like everyone else. And if you listen to my CreateYourMind partner’s and my podcasts, self limiting beliefs can be the biggest obstacle in your quest for success!

I’m prepared to face it head on. Most people aren’t. Their habit of failure leads them to believe they will fail when their failure should only drive them closer to achieving success. I’m going to strive to learn as much as I can on how to earn income online, not easy online money, nor to make extra money online, but to earn my living and to work and get what I deserve.

Want some inspiration on never giving up? Watch this video: “Don’t give up“!

The question I have for people who want more out of life and complain that they can’t have what the want – Do you get what you deserve? If not, do something about it. It doesn’t have to be blogging, but it has to be something you want to do.

As the saying goes:

Do what you love and the money will come.

I guarantee that those who find skepticism in that saying are not doing something they love and if they tried it, they quit before finding success. If I quit before I earn income online in a substantial way, I will never know if I could take my blogging to the bank, right? I can quit today, you can see my income, I can make easy online money and do financial analysis full time while I make extra money online. But that’s the easy way out. That would be the quitter’s attitude. That would be the skeptic who says the above saying is a promise of broken dreams….

Well, check back with me in 6 months, then a year, then 5 years… I’ll have stories to tell. And I’ll be able to tell those stories while blogging to the bank!

Here is an excerpt from John Chow’s free ebook (again, you can find it here: John Chow dot Com)

Success Never Comes

Head over to John Chow’s website if you haven’t already! Get inspired! Learn from the leaders on how to earn income online.

Are you a loser?

That might be a little harsh for me to ask. Ok, are you willing to put in the hard work in order to achieve success? And, are you going to commit to keep going despite failures along the way instead of quitting and giving up? Those are better questions. If so, then you aren’t a loser. You are a leader. Leaders achieve what they set out to do. Losers – I don’t want to be a part of.

One of the main reasons people struggle with achieving success today is that they aren’t held accountable to achieving their goals. Hold me accountable to achieve income online! Now if you are waiting for me to fail as your goal to make me accountable, wow, you are a loser. If you want to hold me accountable while asking me to make you accountable for your own commitment to a goal – you are a leader! All you have to do is ask! I am!

As I was writing this I was wondering what the purpose really was? I guess it’s to say it – to be committed to it – and to share it with whoever wants to read it. I made it long on purpose – because those who care will read it, feel inspired and get to the end. And those who really don’t care, won’t care and it doesn’t matter.

I read every word of Steve Pavlina’s post. I read every word John Chow wrote on his free eBook. Why? Because they have the answers – I had the question:

How do you earn income online?

See, people have the same question – “how do you earn income online?” – but they aren’t willing to get past the first 400 words of how they can do it! After 400 words its too much work and they think they can do it all themselves. Nope. I need help in order to achieve my goal to earn income online. I’m going to ask for help. I’m going to follow in the footsteps of who has done what I want to do – that’s how to succeed! Not just in how to earn income online, but how to succeed in anything in life!

Follow me on my journey on how I am going to earn income online – and take notes. It’s the first week of March 2010! I’m 5 weeks into my road to success and I am doing something every single day to achieve my goals. Are you?

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