Apple iPad price, release date, preorders, and rumors

Apple iPad price, iPad release date, preorders, and rumors

I have a month (or so) left to save for the Apple iPad despite the 50/50 reviews on whether the Apple iPad’s missing features are a deal breaker (Apple iPad Features – The Good and the Bad). I figure – so what? I’ll suck it up and be a proud Apple iPad owner and can’t wait for the iPad release date!

The Apple iPad price is, for most part, the biggest deal breaker there is. But either you want to be part of the tablet movement right when it starts, or you’re going to ‘wait and see’ like a lot of people are going to do.

The iPad price is as follows:

WiFi only
16 GB – $499
32 GB – $599
64 GB – $699

WiFi + 3G
16 GB – $629
32 GB – $729
64 GB – $829

Visit the Apple iPad website for detailed information: Apple iPad Pricing

The WiFi iPad release date is scheduled for April 3 (which is a delay from their original March announcement). Pre orders for the iPad will open on Apple’s online store on March the 12th (which also two weeks delayed from the original February 27th scheduled date).

The WiFi + 3G iPad release date is rumored to be a month after the April 3 date – which gives me an additional month to save for the WiFi + 3G version which is good news.

One of the talked about rumors is the ‘blank key’ above the number “6” on the keypad. According to Mike Elgan from ComputerWorld,

“A function key right above the number 6 on the keyboard has no label or graphic on it, and its purpose or function has not yet been revealed. One possibility is that it launches some yet-unannounced function on the iPad. But nobody knows.” (15 iPad Mysteries remain)

This just leads to the speculation that there is still a lot to be revealed with the Apple iPad and I think, well, I hope, the experience will be incredible. The good thing is that the WiFi only owners will have it in their hands for a month before the WiFi + 3G iPad release date so those who are patient will get a good idea of the performance and the media experience before they buy.

I’m looking forward to being an Apple iPad owner – but I am not looking forward to staying in a line all morning and all day – and possibly all night. But, I want an Apple iPad!

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