Personal Success – Get into the spirit of baseball!

Personal Success – Get into the spirit of baseball!

A month from now the doors of the best sport in the world will open to the public – Baseball! I love sports because of the many inspirational stories that come from it. There are so many personal success stories hidden inside the game and some that we are well aware of!

For example:

A lump jumps to my throat when I watch Kirk Gibson hitting that home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.

Have you read or heard Lou Gehrig’s “Farewell to Baseball”? If you haven’t, here it is: “Goodbye to Baseball

Or how about when Jake Taylor, with bum knees, hit a bunt sacrifice and struggled to beat out the throw at first so that Willie Mays Hayes can take home from second base to win the Pennant!

Oh wait, the last one was a movie [Major League (1989)]. And a great baseball movie at that!

Which brings me to the point of this post!

Get into the spirit of baseball! This is really intended for baseball fans and parents who are involved with their child’s little league season! Get yourself, and your child, into the spirit of baseball!

There are some wonderful, inspiring, baseball movies with themes of overcoming the odds and personal success! Do yourself a favor and watch some of these films!

Of course, my two favorites are #1 and #2… But here are…

7 great baseball movies to get into the spirit of baseball!

1. The Sandlot 1993 (the original please)

This is, by far, my favorite baseball movie of all time! It reminds me of when I was young and all my neighborhood kids would gather around to hit a ball and run the bases. We didn’t have a sandlot, but we did have driveways and a house to hit home runs over! Those were the days! And just as the movie portrays, they come and go and we all move on. I often wonder

what happened to some of those kids!

Can you pick out the personal success story in this movie. Its pretty obvious right?

This movie is a great kid’s/family movie so watch it as a family!

2. Major League (I’ve cried at only two movies and this is one)

What? I cry? Of course I cry! I have emotions. I cried when Kurt Gibson hit that homerun in 1988. And I cried in Major League. It was tears of joy. But yes, Major League, is a great baseball movie. Again, personal success stories all around! This one was mainly about a team, who was not supposed to win but overcomes great odds to accomplish a specific goal together.

There might be strong language and some ‘scenes’ inappropriate for kids, so watcher beware!

I know you’re wondering – what was the other movie I cried at. You’re going to have to ask me.

3. The Rookie (Dads, don’t try this at home)

Gather the family around, have some popcorn, and watch this movie based on a true story! And dads, don’t think you can go out tomorrow and try out for a team. Wait – what am I talking about? I’m all about self improvement and motivation and achieving life’s goals! Dads! TRY! But don’t get mad at me if you’re back goes out or you need shoulder surgery after a month of throwing!

This is a wonderful family movie. Watch it and note the personal success story that many of us dads dream about achieving.

4. A League of their own

Personal success? This was a whole league that revolved around personal success stories! See the theme? Baseball movies are all about personal success! Its not just about throwing a ball around! This is NOT just about the game of baseball – but what a metaphor! Baseball is such a metaphor to life! Within the bases there will always be stories of perseverance, never giving up, never quitting, and striving to achieve the highest goals!

Do you want your daughter to play baseball? Maybe this movie will inspire her! I need to have my daughter watch it!

5. Chicken Little

Okay, Chicken Little isn’t really a baseball movie, but I was drawn to it because of the baseball subplot. Parents should really learn from this movie. Listen to your child! Did it not bring a tear to your eye when Chicken Little slid into home and after the dust cleared was “SAFE!” Wow. That made him and his dad finally bond – and that was really the theme of the movie! The relationship of the father and son!

So as baseball season comes around the corner and you are throwing the ball around with you little leaguer, think about what he will be doing. Teach them to persevere, to never give up, to play at their best of their ability to accomplish great goals!

6. The Bad News Bears (the original)

Okay, this is a completely outdated movie and you MIGHT (or should) cover your child’s ears as you watch this). There is a ton of inappropriate language (and behavior), but it is still a great movie about personal success, achievement, and perseverance! Parents – this is a warning BUT still… what a great 1970s baseball movie!

7. Angel’s in the Outfield

Do you pray? I sometimes do. In fact, I try to pray alot and I do pray the Dodgers will win the World Series every year. That being said, this movie is all about what baseball fans do all year long. You can’t sit next to a baseball fan without hearing them say in a close moment – ‘oh please please please get the out’ or ‘please please please hit it out’. Whether they believe in God or not, they are doing some sort of praying – and that’s what a boy does in this movie. He prays for the Angel’s to win! This is a story about hope, belief, and personal success!

We need to ALWAYS believe! If we didn’t – Kirk Gibson wouldn’t have hit that homerun in 1988. Or the USA wouldn’t have beat the Russians in 1980. Or your team in the big leagues or in little league will never score enough runs to win the 18-17 game. Believing leads to personal success story that you (and your child) can share for a lifetime!

These are only 7 movies – Yes, there are others but this is a start!

To wrap this up I’d like to impress upon you to always validate your child’s performance and ALWAYS encourage them! This will lead to a happy Little League and Major League Baseball season!

This – my faithful readers – is a lesson in life: self improvement and motivation, personal success and achievement, being positive and never giving up! This is what baseball is all about!

See you on the field – lets play two!

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