How to Maximize the Nook handheld ebook reader battery

How to Maximize the Nook handheld ebook reader battery

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I hate it when batteries die. I love to get the maximum amount of energy from any battery, from my iPhone to my rechargeable batteries for my Xbox 360 controls! Having an ‘extra’ backup battery is always my rule of thumb especially with my Digital SLR or MacBook. For the Nook handheld eBook reader, you probably do not have to worry about an extra battery since the battery life is pretty long – even for travel.

That being said, here are simple steps on keeping the life of the Nook eBook reader’s battery performing to its maximum: (If you haven’t read the Nook User Guidem, download it here: Nook User Guide)

1. New owners of the Nook you need to properly “condition” your battery when it is new!

Read my post on “How to set up the Nook handheld eBook reader” regarding properly conditioning the battery. Do not be overly excited that you skip this step. This gives your battery the opportunity to provide you with it’s best performance.

Before you do anything with the Nook, immediately give the battery a full charge with the accompanied cables. Charging it to a wall outlet is the best advice. It takes approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge the Nook handheld eBook reader battery.

Once you charge it, you can start playing around with it. Until then, sit back, read the manual or: “How to set up the Nook eBook reader” and prepare yourself for a great experience with the Nook!

2) Keep the Nook handheld ebook reader, and the battery, and the contact terminals clean.

Since the battery is securely cased inside the Nook eBook reader, you do not have to worry about this right off the bat. Replacing the battery is easy, but something you probably do not have to do for a long time. If there are issues where you need to replace the battery, make sure all the contact terminals are clear and clean.

The contacts can easily be cleaned with cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

3) Avoid exposing the battery to extreme heat and cold.

Leaving the Nook eBook reader in the car is not a good idea. Especially in extreme heat and cold weather. The wear and tear can do some serious damage to both the life of the battery, and to the Nook device itself.

Treat the Nook with care and respect and it will provide you with a long lasting good experience!

4) Use the battery.

If possible, avoid letting the Nook handheld ebook reader sit dormant for long periods of time. You bought the Nook for a specific reason. I promote 15 minutes of reading a day – so read every day and you are using the battery!

5) Take care of the battery if it is not in use

If the battery is to be idle for an extended period (a month or more), store it in a cool, clean, dry location. Charge and re-condition it upon re-use.

Nook handheld ebook reader battery

Nook handheld ebook reader battery


Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced. After a period of time that will vary depending on use, you may find that your battery requires you to charge more frequently after shorter periods of time. The battery is recharged when installed in the nook and the nook is connected to a power source, either an AC-outlet or your computer via the USB cable.

  • Battery type: Rechargeable lithium polymer
  • For use in Nook eReader devices by Barnes & Noble
  • Battery life: approximately 10 days on a single charge with wireless/music off; 2 days with wireless/music on

These 5 simple steps will allow the Nook battery to provide maximum output and life for the Nook eBook reader! Treat the Nook and the battery with care and you will be a happy customer!

If you have the Nook, make sure you go through the set up process detailed here: “How to set up the Nook handheld eBook reader” – (If you haven’t read the Nook User Guide, download here: Nook User Guide)

Stay tuned for more “How To” posts on the Nook!

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