Apple iPad features – the Good and the Bad

Apple iPad Features

The Good and the Bad

Okay, I’ve been ranting and raving on whether I want an Apple iPad or not. The bottom line is, I want one, but seriously, do I want one just to have it or do I want one to be more productive?

The Apple iPad features are great – as Apple states:

“The best way to experience the web, email, photos, and video. Hands down.”

Apple iPad

How can those Apple iPad features be better than a MacBook? What I’m assuming is: that statement on the Apple iPad features is based on a Multi-Touch screen and the built in apps. My Apple MacBook has all of that and a lot more.

That being said, these Apple iPad features, which include built in apps, is being marketed against other tablets on the market or future tablets by Apple competitors.

Hopefully we can use Firefox instead of Safari. But can we use the Apple iPad to organize photos using software similar to iPhoto? YouTube is going to be bigger than big now and the biggest thing I’m looking forward to are the iBooks!

Interesting how they are creating their own niche – iBooks instead of eBooks! Wow. This is my continuing dilemma with the whole handheld eBook reader issue. Do I keep my Nook handheld eBook reader or just go into an all in one device and make use of all of the Apple iPad features?

I go into detail here: (To iPad or not to iPad)

Here are some of the touted great Apple iPad features:

Maps: Great improvement with the iPhone for sure so maps is a great app! But only really good if you have the Wi-Fi + 3G device!

Notes: I will try to use that more than my iPhone.

Calendar: Getting organized is key. Can I sync it with my iPhone?

A nice Home Screen, spot light search and accessibility: for vision impaired, deaf or hard of hearing.

And of course the normal stuff: iPod, App Store, iTunes.

Personally, the iBook feature may be the biggest selling point for the handheld eBook reader owners! And that is definitely one feature I am really excited about! What am I going to do with my Nook is the question. If you are on the fence as I am (or was) here are 5 reasons why you should buy a Nook handheld ebook reader.

But what are the deal breakers? All those Apple iPad features are great. But what are the bad things that make me want to


As I do not have an Apple iPad in front of me, these are 5 ‘little things’ that I’ve read about that could be the deal breaker over the ‘good things’.

Apple iPad features - iBooks

Apple iPad features - iBooks

1. What, No Multitasking?

2. LED backlight to read books is NOT E Ink. Ouch.
3. Wi-Fi monthly fee + 3G monthly fee – are you kidding me?
4. Another keyboard to get used to?
5. No Flash? Well, this could be a good thing.

Deal breaker, deal breaker, deal breaker. Yeah, well, the iPhone 3G had missing functionality, but with firmware upgrades, Apple solved many of those issues. That being said, will the above deal breakers prevent me from getting one? That remains to be seen.

1. What, No Multitasking?

What does this really mean? I’ve read that you can’t listen to music and surf the web at the same time? Seriously, how can you not have multitasking? It isn’t a cell phone! With 64GB of memory, multitasking should be a given!

2. LED backlight to read books is NOT E Ink. Ouch.

The reason a dedicated handheld eBook reader is so great is because of the E Ink. It makes reading from the eBook reader easy on the eyes – its electronic paper like reading a book. This is why there is no LED backlight on the Nook! A book light serves its purposes, but reading in the dark is not good for your eyes either – and neither is staring at a computer all day long!

Apple iPad Features - the internet!

3. Wi-Fi monthly fee + 3G monthly fee – are you kidding me?

It will cost $29 for a monthly-unlimited data access 3G plan. But 3G connectivity, outside of free AT&T Wifi hot spots, will cost too! That means most iPhone users will be paying a monthly fee for their 3G data plan, as well as Internet access for their home network so they can have WiFi, AND another cost for their Apple iPhone’s data access! If we have iPhones, they should just add it to that plan somehow some way. $29 a month is already a deal breaker!

4. Another keyboard to get used to?

iPhone users, don’t you get irritated when a new user gets an iPhone and says, “I can’t get used to the keyboard – my thumbs are too big” and you want to shake the and say, “Just get the hell used to already my thumbs are bigger than yours!” Well, that was you, that was me, and yes, we will have to get used to the keyboard and say the same thing to new iPad users when they eventually get one. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around typing on a touch screen that big. My thumbs aren’t big or long enough.

(I do hear there will be an external keyboard available)

5. No Flash? Well, this could be a good thing.

What? I thought Apple was a forward moving company! How do they develop an Internet based product without the use of Flash? Okay, this could be a good thing. I hate flash websites. I never sit through the ‘loading’ phase to watch flash. Just get me to good old HTML and let me do what I need to do. Flash, yes, its ‘flashy’ but not really needed. This missing Apple iPad feature is not going to prevent me from getting one!

Okay, in retrospect, I look at these ‘little things’ and compare it to the ‘big things’. Are they enough to keep me from experiencing the wonderful Apple iPad features on the iPad? The only one that really is a deal breaker is the monthly fee for Wi-Fi + 3G access.

I have a month or two to make up my mind. But, like so many Apple fanatics, I want one (as stated in my post, “Apple iPad – I want one!“. I just need to make a wise investment decision!

I’d love to hear your opinions – pros or cons – on the Apple iPad features and whether you think it’s worth it or not? Give me deal breakers or be a deal maker!

Comments below! Thanks!

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