Free Handheld eBook reader books – Are you addicted?

Free Handheld eBook reader books

Are you addicted?

Handheld eBook ReaderJust because it is free, does it mean you have to have it? Is this going to be the new addiction for handheld ebook reader owners?

I’ve found scouring the web for free eBooks that I ‘might’ eventually read is like an addiction. Where do I go? Who has great content? What can I add to my handheld eBook reader to build up the library?

One thing I love about my handheld eBook reader, The Nook, is the weekly In Store Exclusives that you can get. Barnes & Noble really did a great job here – they send you More In Store Exclusives via wifi, and you have to go ‘in store’ in order to download them. Which means, you are in the store more often than you were before – at least I am.

Why? Because, of the magic word. No, not ‘thank you’, but “FREE”!

If you don’t have one yet, get the best handheld eBook reader on the planet: The Nook and you can have these exclusives for free this week!

New On Nook for “More In Store Exclusives” 3/1

“Backstage Pass to the Oscars!” By Mary McNamara
Mary McNamara,  an LA Times longtime entertainment reporter, shares some juiciest moments from her years on the red carpet and the Oscars!

“Oscar History Repeats Itself” by Leonard Maltin
I love Leonard Maltin, who is recognized as one of the leading authorities on movies and moviemaking. He shares his predictions on the upcoming Academy Awards.

“The Art of Eating In on Oscar Night” by Cathy Erway
Erway gives us the perfect complement to your perfect Oscars party!

“Why We Love Alice” by Melanie Benjamin
Melanie Benjamin tells us of the many adventures that Alice in Wonderland has inspired in us!

And also get 10% off any CD!

That’s a lot of free stuff for the Nook handheld eBook reader.

Again, if you do not have a handheld eBook reader, get one now! The Nook is my choice! And yes, if you want some free books for your ereader, this is a great website to spend some, or alot, of time in!

When you do get The Nook, here’s how to set it up:  “How to set up The Nook”

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