Make Money Online – Month 1

Make Money Online – Month 1

Where do I start? I know I haven’t done everything I needed to do this month to maximize my online income because I have been focusing on content just to get my blog up and running. Can you believe I have 45 posts on Glenn Magas Dot Com after 4 weeks? Writing posts is the easy part. The hard part is what I have been avoiding – so I bit the bullet and this past week I decided to learn more about SEO and keyword analysis in order to make money online. Yes, this is the hard part because it takes a lot of work!

Now I have to focus on link building and going to other sites to comment in order to get more traffic. After that, Adwords and Affiliate Marketing (which I learned a little about this past week), will be on my agenda.

So, week 4 has been a learning week for me.

I’ve added more advertisers in order to make money online like: Bidvertiser, Amazon and SwagBucks. Some are PPC and some are commission: like Amazon, MacUpdate and The Writer’s Store. I’ve noticed that these are the ones that I am making the least from right now. Google Adsense and Kontera, as far as blogging is concerned, are what keeps things hopeful.

So what happened this past month as far as my ‘make money online’ venture?

I started two blogs: Glenn Magas Dot Com on January 28th, 2010, and a week ago, (officially started February 21). I’m still writing for and

Glenn Magas Dot Com hit 4,938 page views for its first month, which is 62 page views shy of my first month’s goal. has 729 page views after 9 days so all together I surpassed my 5,000 page view goal for my first month with 5,667 total page views between two blogs.

I’m not sure what has or the income level it generated but I’ll gather that up and update. I believe I wrote 12 articles for CYM as well.

So how does this breakout for my first month as I attempt to make money online?

Summary: = $248
Helium is my moneymaker. I wrote 40 upfront articles for the month and want to maintain 40 per month or more going forward. It would have been more but February dinged me 2 days due to it being a short month. I averaged $5.85 a day on ad sharing, which is below my goals, but I was marketing Glenn Magas Dot Com more, which makes sense that Helium income would be lower than expected.  I am $15.19 more this month than I was on the same date last month (Jan 28th) and my average last month was lower at $5.48/day. Read my articles here: “HungryHungryWriter Articles”

Sponsored Tweets = $33.09
This is, by far, the easiest way to monetize your time on the Internet! Sign up your Twitter account with Sponsored Tweets. I have several Twitter Accounts and in total they have brought in $33.09 in revenue for February, just for tweeting an advertisement!

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Advertising (Google Adsense, Kontera, Bidvertiser etc.) = $10.92

SwagBucks = $240 (which is around $1.74 in PayPal conversion). Read about how you can turn SwagBucks into cash here: “Turn Your SwagBucks to Cash

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Associated Content = $3.73
Glenn Magas’s Contributor Profile – Associated Content Read More

For a total of: $264.07 for the month of February.

The hottest topic on Glenn Magas Dot Com was: “Canon T1i is the Aperture of my Eye”  with 348 page views.

And the most revenue from Glenn Magas Dot Com was: “14 Days with my ereader – 5 reasons to buy a Nook”  with $1.34 in revenue and 216 page views.

These are very good stats in my opinion! I’ve received emails and comments from different people trying to monetize their blog and they haven’t even reached $10 in Adsense after a year and I did it in a month! Believe me, all these numbers have to grow and I am working on increasing the ‘organic searches’ to get people from Google to Glenn Magas Dot Com.

This is where the work comes in – keywords and SEO! This month will also be a month of link building and back linking, etc. Whatever that means! Stay tuned for Month 2. This first 4 weeks went by fast, hopefully things will slow down and I can do more and create more page views, which in turn leads to more money online.

Please show your support, visit my blog and post some comments that contribute to discussion! This would really help! Thanks.

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