Apple iPad – I want one!

Apple iPad – I want one!

… and I want it now!

Okay, I want an Apple iPad. A month after its big debut, and a few weeks from its official release, the positive reviews of the Apple iPad features outweigh the negative reviews in my opinion – and I want one.

This comes just a few weeks after I was weighing an iPad vs a handheld ebook reader device (which I bought). Here was my post on that: “To iPad or not to iPad

I’m not sure how all of the mumbo jumbo subscription stuff works, nor do I know everything about all the Apple iPad features, but I do know, this will be a media experience like no other. Future products, from Apple iPad feature upgrades to competitor tablets will make the Apple iPad even better and more improved. I can’t wait!

But I have to have one now. The version I will probably work to get is the Wi-Fi + 3G 64 Gig model. This is the top model but why not right?

Here is the price breakdown:

Wi-Fi (late March release)
16 GB – $499
32 GB – $599
64 GB – $699

Wi-Fi + 3G (April release)
16 GB – $629
32 GB – $729
64 GB – $829

Why go ‘middle of the road’? If you want alot of memory and GBs, and decide that the Wi-Fi 64 GB model is for you, what’s $130ish more for the 64GB – Wi-Fi + 3G model right? The price points are just too close to say, I want great performance but will settle for just Wi-Fi. I mean, I want 3G so I can do ‘stuff’ from wherever, whenever. Just like with my iPhone.

I’d be kicking myself, and you will too if you pinch your pennies. If you are stuck somewhere with your iPad and you can’t get on the internet! You will be saying, I should have just went with the 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G for $130 more than the 32 GB Wi-Fi only model.

Think about it… Save an extra $130 and spend it on a 3G model. The $130 is the difference between a happy Apple iPad owner and a frustrated one! You don’t even have to go $200 more (like jumping from 64GB Wi-Fi to 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G). Just make the extra $130 work for you which means less GB but more internet access availability to you!

So this is how I feel about the Apple iPad – don’t sell yourself short. Hold off till April and don’t be the, “I have to have it now!” kinda person. That gives you an extra month to save $130!

Yes, I want to have an Apple iPad now, but I will wait till the WiFi + 3G model in April. It will be worth the wait! I’m trying to impress upon you that you will be happy with the purchase if you wait to get what you want! Seriously – my consumer purchasing advice is always to spend more than you are compfortable spending. This creates happiness in the long run versus the “I should have” regrets.

Now, what am I going to do with my Nook handheld ebook reader? Maybe I jumped the gun on that purchase – but I do love it!

Visit Apple iPad for the iPad features here: Apple iPad

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