What do you think of Sam Tsui singing “Don’t Stop Believing”

What do you think of Sam Tsui singing “Don’t Stop Believing”

This is one of my favorite YouTube videos. Why? Well, it keeps my kids entertained and they love it! My guess is that the show, “Glee”, inspired this moment of video and m

usic magic, but the real magic here is Sam Tsui’s vocals.

If you haven’t watched Sam Tsui singing “Don’t Stop Beliving” in this video you are in for an absolute treat! Sam Tsui is remarkable.

This is Sam Tsui singing “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Backing instrumentals played and produced by Kurt Schneider.

YouTube url: Sam Tsui singing “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey

So what did you think? Pretty awesome huh? The guy is an unbelievable talent!

A couple of months ago I saw Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider on the Bonny Hunt show in an interview because of the buzz their videos created on YouTube and the Internet. They are all worth it to watch but the “Don’t Stop Beliving” video is absolutely the best Sam Tsui performance out of all of them.

The interview showed the enthusiasm of these two artist/musician/film makers and inspired me because they are pursing their goals and dreams!

Here is the interview: Bonnie hunt with Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider

I hope they continue with their passion. It is inspiring to see two young individuals who can express themselves the way they do and pursue things some people wish they pursued when they were young.

It is never to late. The song is a metaphor for all of us who have wished we were able to do something remarkable, or something we were passionate about, but let ‘life’ get in the way. “Don’t stop believing!” It is more than a song by Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider – it is words of inspiration, young and old!

Think about it! Sam Tsui’s MySpace Music Page

So, what did you think about the video! Please comment!

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