Improve your Life – What is happiness?

Improve your Life – What is happiness?

My life was not improving by slaving over work I hated for bosses that were manipulative and demanding. All the steps I’ve learned about happiness and self-improvement were applied, but it seemed that there was more pull to misery than there was to happiness.

Why? Because I was doing something I did not want to do. Now? I am doing exactly what I want to do! I asked myself, “Do you want to improve your life?” The answer was ‘yes’. I can only do that if I pursued a life long dream to write full time.

Do you want to improve your life?

How do you do this? You need to strive for happiness. Happiness is a pure motivator to improve your life! And my motivator was to do what I have always wanted to do!

I discuss finding happiness and motivation at CreateYourMind and address this specific subject. But today, I’d like to share what I have done as far as my passion in about 4 weeks and it is more work towards happiness than I have done in the past 11 years.

I wanted to be a full time writer. I love to write. If given the chance, I can write all day and all night! Guess what – that’s what I’ve done.

In the past 4 weeks I’ve written over 40 articles for I have written 50 + articles for CreateYourMind,, and combined as well as comments in numerous forums and websites.

I write all day long, I study Affiliate Marketing, Blog advertising, SEO, and keyword analysis. I love it- love it- love it. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do what I want to do and there are too many hours in the night to sleep. I can’t wait to get started and it’s hard to shut down. I love it.

I am absolutely happy with my newfound career, which, right now, has its own sacrifices. I believe though, a season of sacrifice will lead to a lifetime of happiness. I believe this in my heart – but it takes goal setting, and doing something every single day to achieve my goals.

Improve you life, Glenn! Improve your life! I kept telling myself this year after year. More so in 2009 than ever in my 42 years of existence! I kept saying, this is the year – every year. Nothing changed.

Well, this is the year and everything has changed!

Here are some exciting stats for Glenn Magas Dot Com

5000 page views was my first goal to achieve after a month as a professional blogger. I did not think it was possible but am striving to make it so. As of last night (2/25/2010), Glenn Magas Dot Com has 4,630 page views after 25 days. has 631 page views after only 5ish days of being alive.

Update (2010 Pageviews for Glenn Magas Dot Com = 87,331)

That’s over 5,000 page views for the two blogs I run. Next month is going to be better! A lot better! I have a goal to write 50 articles for Helium as well and even more for my blogs! A book, screenplay – you name it. It’s on my schedule and yes, 2010 I will have answered the question, “Do you want to improve your life?” Not only have I answered the question, I’m taking action – the one thing I didn’t do in 2009, 2008, 2007 and so on.

The question to you is: What is your happiness? And, Do you want to improve your life?

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