What do you think about this blog?

What do you think about this blog?

Okay, I was told to find a niche. But I have several loves and passions so I decided to put that all up for grabs in my blog. I’ve had blogs named HungryHungryWriter, TriathleteNut, and SquintFilms, but then I was blogging the same thing on every one! So I decided its time to blog, share what I like, and earn money.

So, right now my categories are:
Blogging (because I am blogging)
Gadget Talk (because I love gadgets) with Photography as a sub category.
Online Income (because this is how I want to earn a living)
Personal Achievement
Leadership Wisdom (I believe everyone is a leader and I want to inspire people to find themselves. It goes hand-in-hand with Personal Achievement)

I guess, in the grand scheme of things, this is what I love to talk about! I have a separate blog just for writing called: WritingTips4U.com so if you are a writer, check that blog out too!

So far so good. I’m at 4, 500 page views for glennmagas.com after 25 days and over 500 page views on writingtips4u.com after 5 days. So there is potential for growth if I do the right things and so far I believe I am.

Please bookmark this blog and visit as much as you can. I’ll share truthful insight on my money making venture online and other things related to my interests.



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