Turn your SwagBucks to Cash!

Turn your SwagBucks to Cash!

How to maximize your SwagBucks

If you haven’t signed up for SwagBucks then do it now.  (SwagBucks signup)

I’m going to share some SwagBucks secrets that I have discovered based on my fascination on earning SwagBucks. I’ve been a member for a week, and I’ve earned 190 SwagBucks just for searching using the SwagBucks search feature.  Here’s my original post I wrote on February 17th – Make Money Online Tips.

6 days later I’ve earned 190 SwagBucks. Actually, I’m going to pause to search the Internet for “Affiliate Millionaire” for some research. Hey, I have 200 SwagBucks now. How did that happen?

I really don’t care; I just think its cool.

So here’s the simple plan. Earn SwagBucks and turn it into cash by purchasing gift cards at the SwagBucks store. It is as plain and simple as that.  You can stop right there if you want, but if you want to maximize how you do this, read on!

Maximizing your SwagBucks and turn your SwagBucks into cash…

So how do you make this work for you? First, my goal is turn turn SwagBucks into cash. And in order to that I have to buy gift cards by using my SwagBucks. I found the following gift cards that I, or you, might be interested in:

Barnes and Noble
Disney Store
JC Penny
Ticket Master

Each gift card offers a certain value gift card to purchase for a certain amount of SwagBucks. The average ratio is around 273 SwagBucks to $1.00 for these gift cards.  I’ll use Target as an example.

Right now, for 5000 SwagBucks you can purchase a $20 Target gift cards. That’s a 250 to 1 ratio. So for every 250 SwagBucks you earn it equals $1.00 toward a Target gift cards.  All the gift cards have different ratios.  Right now there is a sale on the Target gift card.  So instead of 5000 SwagBucks it will cost 2350 SwagBucks for the same $20 Target gift card. That’s a ratio of 117.50 SwagBucks to $1.00. It’s a good idea to take advantage of the sale to get more cash for your SwagBucks! So basically, I’ve almost earned $2 toward Target because of searching the internet using SwagBucks.com!

Stay tuned bcause SwagBucks.com has an online store with stores that sell pet products (Petco) all the way to golf clubs (GolfSmith).  And if you shop through SwagBucks.com you can earn 1 SwagBuck for every $5 you spend.

So that’s one of the other ways.  Check back again on how to maximize online shopping and earning more from SwagBucks!

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