How to break an album sync between iPhoto and Facebook

How to break an album sync between iPhoto and Facebook

I love the ease of managing my pictures on iPhoto. Downloading pictures straight from the camera is incredibly fast and easy, and iPhoto manages them faster than manually setting up folders and downloading pictures into them by date. Yes, I used to do that and it was one of the biggest reasons why I hated taking pictures – because I had to organize them.

iPhoto makes it easier and includes many other incredible features. One of the new features in iPhoto 09 allows you to select pictures and upload them directly into Facebook! It is faster and easier than the Facebook app that uploads pictures from your hard drive. But there is a problem!

It’s great that you can manage the Facebook pictures right from iPhoto, you can add, delete, and rearrange photos in iPhoto and it will update your Facebook album to match what you have on iPhoto. The problem is, if you want to start cleaning up your hard drive by backing up photos and archiving them, they will also be deleted from Facebook!

After trial and error and errors and trials, I had to figure out a way to keep my pictures on Facebook while I archived and or deleted the same album in iPhoto! Well, until Apple comes up with a fix, here is a tried and true method on how to do this!

Here is the goal: To delete a synced iPhoto/Facebook but keep the Facebook album untouched. This is the step by step process that I have repeated over and over with complete success!

1. Exit iPhoto and login to Facebook

2. Change your Facebook password

Click on the Account button to see the drop down, then click Settings and the “Change” in the Password setting. Type a new Facebook password and click “Change Password” – make note of the changed password to avoid banging your head on the table later!

3. Open iPhoto

4. Click on a synced iPhoto/Facebook album

The following message window will appear:
“An error occurred with the publication of album “(NAME OF SYNCED ALBUM.”
“Authentication with server failed. Please check your login and password information.”

5. Delete the album on iPhoto.

Delete the album, or albums of choice in iPhoto! Since iPhoto cannot sync to Facebook, your Facebook album will stay untouched.

6. Keep or Change your Password on Facebook

Go back to Facebook and either change password back to your previous one or keep the new password. This is up to you.

7. Re-sync iPhoto with Facebook

iPhoto will not re-sync even if you change your Facebook password back to the previous password. You will need to re-sync.

The fastest way is to do this is to select one picture from your iPhoto library and click the Facebook icon like you would do to add the photo to Facebook.

Choose whom you want the photos viewable by then click on the “Change Accounts” button.

Fill out the appropriate fields with your user email, your new/current Facebook password, and that picture will now sync with Facebook as a new album. Do whatever you want with this album in iPhoto (delete or keep).

All your current iPhoto albums are now re-synced with Facebook! The deleted album is gone and will not sync which keeps the original Facebook album completely intact!

And there you have it. In minutes you can delete all the albums on iPhoto that you do not want anymore and all the Facebook albums will be kept exactly the way they are!

Was this helpful – please let me know! Thanks!

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