How to Downgrade your WordPress Blog

“How to Downgrade your WordPress Blog”

If you are like me  you jump the gun and upgrade ‘things’ before going through the right actions to make sure its worth the upgrade. From a firmware upgrade on your cell phone, or, in this case, your WordPress blog!

Here is an example: For those who upgraded their WordPress blog to WordPress 2.9.x but realized their Theme only works well on WordPress 2.8, what do you do? Most of the bloggers out there have no idea, nor want to attempt the fate of their blog to a downgrade. Most bloggers also have no idea that their theme works best in the lower version as well.

Basically, most are oblivious to ‘upgrading’ a blog and do not even know what it can or can’t do for them let alone downgrading it for that matter.

But for those who realize that there is more to blogging that the words you post every day, managing a blog means a lot more than filtering out spam.

If you are one of those who have upgraded to a version that does not fit your theme, you might want to go through these simple steps and downgrade for now before your theme is upgraded and functions well with a new WordPress upgrade!

My experience is simple. I spent money for a theme and realized it won’t work well with the new WordPress upgrade that I upgraded to too quickly. So I had to do a downgrade.

First, backup your WordPress database. John Chow discuses how to do an online backup in his blog post, “How to Do Online Backup for WordPress

This could take a couple of hours depending how big your blog is. But now that you are safely backed up, take these simple steps.

I’m going to assume you know how to FTP files and you know where your files are located, etc. If not, please email me at and I can go through a step-by-step process with you in detail.

Download WordPress 2.8 here:

Extract the files and upload (copy and replace) all the files except for the “wp-content” folder and the “wp-config-sample.php” file. If there is a “wp-config.php” file in this zip file do not copy that either. But I’ve checked, it is not in the zip file extraction.

Make sure to copy and replace the files in the appropriate directory on the server where your blog is hosted. When you log into the admin page it will notifiy you that you just upgraded and ask you if you want to upgrade the to the current/latest version. Click yes and guess what – you are back to WordPress 2.8!

It is simple, it is easy, and it is effortless. This does not mean some bloggers will run into problems, but you do have the backup to fall back on. And good hosting sites are doing daily backups of your db files anyway.

Good luck!

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