Apple Magic Mouse – What do you think?

Apple Magic Mouse

What do you think?

It is almost as if Disney and Apple got together to come up with a Magical World of Apple Mickey Mouse. That would be a match made in Apple heaven – imagine all of Disneyland with Apple terminals and products. An Apple Store Wonderland! Wow.

But that’s not what this is all about. It’s about Apple’s Magic Mouse. The question is – what do you think?

I was holding it in my hands at the Apple store. It’s sleek, smooth, and an unassuming peripheral. For $69.00 (US) it seems just a little much for a mouse. But you get what you pay for.

A smooth multi-touch shell that acts as one button for your forefinger or a second button with your ring finger. You can scroll left, right, vertically, and horizontally simply by navigating (touching) the top surface. Swipe through pages on Safari or photos on iPhoto – which I absolutely love. It’s the most advanced mouse that Apple, or any other company has ever made in my opinion.

Apple boasts about the laser technology, or tracking engine, that’s more sensitive and responsive on more surfaces than the traditional optical technology. I have yet to experience how well it performs but don’t you hate those hops and skips your mouse pointer does on odd surfaces? I do.

The biggest selling point is that it is an Apple Mouse with Blue Tooth technology. It saves that one USB port on my MacBook for other things like my USB powered laptop fan and iPhone. And the Bluetooth works from up to 33 feet away. I’m not sure I’ll be 33 feet away from my MacBook but I guess it’s nice to know.

The mouse is a thing of pure beauty – pleasing to the eye and to the touch. The question is, what do you think? Is the $69 worth it? It’s only $20 more than the traditional Apple Mouse.

I use the Microsoft Arc Mouse $49.95 (US) – which, to me, is the best mouse ever made. Does the Apple Magic Mouse compare?

I’m undecided.

Update – see what I did: Apple Magic Mouse Review – From the Apple Store in Glendale, CA

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