What is your opinion on the Tiger Woods apology?

What is your opinion on Tiger Woods apology?

Some players are upset that Tiger chose today to make an apology. Ernie Els was upset to learn that Woods had chosen the week of a World Golf Championship for a public appearance. “It’s selfish,” Els stated.

Hey Ernie, before you open your mouth maybe you can get some facts together. “As we understand it, Tiger’s therapy called for a week’s break at this time during which he has spent a few days with his children and then will make his statement before returning,” Finchem said in a letter Thursday. “Accordingly, there was very little flexibility in the date for the announcement.” Els statement is what? Driven by money? Because what? People will be distracted? Els, your statement was selfish!

Okay, enough of that.

Even when Tiger makes a public statement and apology, motivational quotes are all over the place!

“It’s not what you achieve in life that matters, it’s what you overcome.” Tiger Woods (2/19/2010)

Tiger Woods has achieved more in his life than any most people will ever achieve in their entire life. He has overcome several athletic obstacles and failures, and has overcome every single challenge.

This is a habit. If it is a habit, what are the chances Tiger will overcome this big obstacle in life?

Tiger did not have to apologize for his private life. He could have disappeared forever and left it at that. And all it does is spark the controversy: it was insincere. It was fake, it was scripted. I even heard media say it was like an infomercial. Who cares what it sounded like, its what he did. He made a statement.

Okay – so what? Do ‘we’ really care? Seriously? I think those who ‘think they care’ are those who have some deep personal issues that they need to deal with and want to see misery and suffering in other people so they can distract from their own misery and suffering. “We” flock to see these moments of turmoil just like we make sure to slow down to see tragedy on the freeway.

That being said, Tiger did something most of us should do – Admit that we need help.

“It’s hard to admit that I need help, but I do.” Tiger Woods (2/19/2010)

This is one of the hardest things to do in life. I’ve said it before – check your ego at the door and ask for help. Now this does not just mean help therapeutically for your mental and psychological well being. NO! It is way beyond that!

Ask for help at work if you can’t get something done. Ask for help from people who can ‘help’ you accomplish what you need to accomplish.

Sure, if it is help as in ‘therapy’ then yes, ask for it! Admit it. And take accountability and responsibility for which you are.

I can go on and on – my point is this. Tiger did not have to do what he did. Whether he is sincere or not he did say one thing that stood out in my mind – he told the world he needed help – and we all know what he needs help in: his sexual addiction.

Tell me… is that easy to do? Scripted or not. Sincere or not – he did, again, what most people could never ever do – especially in front of an audience, his peers, and those who love to judge people – he told us he needed help.

“I will continue to receive help, because I have learned that is how people really do change.” Tiger Woods (2/19/2010)

This is again, a statement that reflects why Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world. Because he realizes that help is how people really change. I hope he returns to the world of golf soon – the win at The Masters will turn the media on their heads for sure.

When’s the last time we asked for help?

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