Does Sarah Palin have a sense of humor?

Does Sarah Palin have a sense of humor?

What is your opinion?

I thought she did. From SNL to 30 Rock. But apparently, she was offended by “The Family Guy” episode where a teenage character Chris dates a girl named Ellen, who has Down syndrome, and who tells him over dinner that her mother is “the former governor of Alaska.”

I’m not going to defend that this is appropriate or not. Personally, I don’t think its that funny but it is a little bit funny. The thing is, it was not degrading someone who has Down syndrome, it was sarcasm that an actor agreed to say, that referenced Sarah Palin because Palin’s son has Down syndrome.

So its funny and its not so funny. But just because this aired on TV does not mean the writer’s for The Family guy are, in Sarah Palin’s words: “the “Family Guy” show “really isn’t funny” and was the work of “cruel, cold-hearted people.” Palin’s daughter added, “the “Family Guy” writers were “mocking my brother and my family,” and called them “heartless jerks.”

Okay, first, get over it. You are in the public eye and YOU knew this is going to be a part of your current ‘fame’ for the lack of a better word. Second of all, it’s “The Family Guy”!!! How are you stooping to the level of an adult swim cartoon show?

I sound like a Palin hater. I’m not. I am, though, critical of how she picks her fights. And boy, if she was in office and these trivial little tiny itty bitty things affected her, what would have that been like?

I have to say it again – It’s the “Family Guy”! COME ON ALREADY! It’s making me effin’ cry!

Pick your fights and sometimes, or all the time, leave these useless comments to yourself because, when you dig deep into the matter at hand, the character playing Ellen who has Down syndrome actually has Down syndrome! What does that say? That someone with Down syndrome is incapable of making a choice? Actors make choices every day of their work life! And this actor made a choice to poke fun of YOU and not of Down syndrome! Sarcasm!

There is a great interview with her by Dave Itzkoff titled, “Family Guy” Voice Actor Says Palin ‘Does not have a sense of humor.’

Okay Sarah Palin – you’ve managed to be the topic of my Blog twice already and my Blog is barely 3 weeks old. I’m not a political commentator. I’m not even a one who likes to start any kind of political disucssion because nobody ever wins.

In this case, on the other hand (pun or no pun intended), Sarah Palin loses. Next hand prompter should say, “Don’t diss ‘The Family Guy'”

If you want to watch the episode go to or watch it right here!

Direct link: Extra Large Medium episode air date 2/14/2010)

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