What do you think about Shaun White’s coach’s vulgar chat?

What do you think about Shaun White’s coach’s vulgar chat?

I apologize in advance for the vulgarity that I may or may not use in this post. Please be advised. If you are a conservative, in the dark, ho hum who can’t take a simple slur to make a point, don’t stop reading please! Seriously! Read on and comment about it damnit!

Oh, and at the end of this post you can watch Shaun White’s Double McTwist 1260 so hang in there.

Shaun White dominated the Snow Boarding event last night at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. He was awesome. And what he did on his last night was effin’ brilliant!

What did Shaun White’s coach say? As reported in Yahoo Sports, “NBC catches Shaun White, coach having vulgar chat before gold” by Chris Chase, at the top of the run before Shaun White descended into Olympic history, Bud Keene, Shaun White’s coach, apparently said some ‘stuff’ that guys say when excited in a sports atmosphere, and he said it during the heat of the moment. Should Keene apologize for such vulgarity? HELL THE “F” NO!

So what? If anything, NBC should be dinged by the FTC for not catching it before it aired. They shouldn’t be apologizing for what someone said on air much like CBS shouldn’t apologize for Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. They should apologize for being slack in their attempt to keep these comments from airing right?

I would love to see Keene go into a press conference and reiterate exactly what he said.

I understand the whole ‘freedom of speech thing’ and the arguments therein – yes, you NEED to be responsible for what you say, do, and represent in ‘our’ free country even though there is freedom of speech. So don’t go writing about free speech and free country comments here. It was in CANADA. As far as I know, they aren’t a country. Are they a country? Where is Canada anyway? How did our athletes get there anway?

Apparently, the West Coast feed did not have the muffled words. I can’t remember. I watched it and I thought, uh-oh, what are they saying? I mean, I was with them, I was in the heat of this awesome moment and I probably would have said worse! And I was expecting to hear some but couldn’t. So what if they slipped. They are human and they aren’t expected to read a script. They could have had glove promoters with notes written like: Don’t say the “F” word. (in reference to my What else did Sarah Palin write on her hand post)

Has it ever happened to you?

It’s happened to me. One time I said “bitchin” on stage while promoting an event at my very Religious Private High School. The whole auditorium erupted with “Ohhhhhhh…”.

The principle didn’t apologize for me. I apologized to him and he thought it was nothing.

Hence my point. Keene said ‘nothing’ so-to-speak. Why are there apologies going around?

Oh, that was a bitchin’ run by Shaun White wasn’t it? He definitely “stomped the Fuck out of that thing!”

If you want to see his Double McTwist 1260, watch it here:

Note: I apologized already so don’t get on my case.

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