How to record Video on an iPhone 3G

How to record Video on an iPhone 3G

Do you feel like you missed the boat? You bought the iPhone 3G and then the iPhone 3Gs comes out with Video Camera capabilities – something you thought the 3G should have! Well, no fret! Why spend the money on the iPhone 3Gs when you can have video recording capabilities with your iPhone 3G… 2G users – you can too!

At the end of 2009, Apple approved Video Recording on the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 2G without a jailbreak.

This is key, this is what we ‘non-escapees’ wanted: a way to Video Record without jail breaking our iPhone 3G!

Here are 3 such applications will allow you to do this (all available now at the iTunes store!

1. iVideoCamera ($0.99 us)
2. Qik Video Camera for any iPhone ($1.99 US)
3. Record Video on iPhone 2G/3G – iCamcorder with 15+fps, Zoom and more ($1.99 US)

1. iVideoCamera

This is the original app that was approved before several others followed in its footsteps. It was the first one I tried and really fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it did not do all that it was expected to do right off the bat. It features 320×426 resolution, 10 FPS, no save time, share to Twitter and Facebook, youtube, camera roll and more!

Well, that’s what they claim it can do. I have yet to be able to do any of those except saving it to my camera roll. Other users have complained about the same issues. Will there be a fix after all these complaints? That remains to be seen. But for .99 cents, it is worth the video capabilities.

Customer reviews give it 4 ½ stars, which is high, but 16% of the reviews were 1 star so take that into account.

2. Qik Video Camera for any iPhone

This Video Camera solves the Facebook issue. Maybe iVideoCamera jumped quickly and sold a bunch of apps for .99 and cares less about what it should do now when other cameras are available that are better. That’s only my speculation.

Qik Video Camera for any iPhone provides Facebook and SMS sharing, Effects, Zoom, up to 15 FPS, Brightness control, Audio Boost, Landscape mode, Email sharing and more!

Customers are raving about it giving it 4 ½ stars with only 9% of those ratings at 1 star for the current version. All other versions are also highly rated!

3. Record Video on iPhone 2G/3G

The latest version is out (Feb 12th, 2010) and it is exceptional beyond exceptional! Record Video on iPhone 2G/3G records videos with high quality audio on your iPhone EDGE, 2G or 3G device! At 15 FPS, Zoom and effects, it adds incredible value to your iPhone and you won’t be disappointed!

Customers give it 4 1/2 stars and the positive comments are really positive!

Here is a sample video of the Record Video on iPhone 2G/3G app.

According to rumors, there will be a higher FPS version update coming up.

Out of the 3 listed above, Record Video on iPhone 2G/3G is by far the champ and the best one available – especially the new version which includes “Multi View” effects, “Super 8” effects and a quick access menu for effects.

As the competition for Video for the iPhone 3G picks up, I’m sure we will eventually see better, more improved Video Cameras for ‘us’ non jailbreakers and budget conscious iPhone users.

Oh, by the way – there are free Compasses available for the 3G as well! That being said, who needs an iPhone 3Gs?

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