Validation for Self-Improvement and Personal Success

Validation for Self-Improvement and Personal Success

How to change the lives of 3,650 people a year!

A simple rule of thumb as I exit my door in the morning and that’s to say “Good Morning” to at least 10 people every morning. Sometimes I reach 5 people with my “Good Morning” and I have to go back out in the world to find 5 more. I have 3 I can say good morning to every day before I even walk out the door, my wife, son and daughter, but I make a point to say it 10 more times to 10 new people every day!

The simple reason: It is all positive actions for self-improvement and personal success!

My morning ritual came about because of “Monday Morning Blues”. Except ‘my blues’ were not only reserved for Monday mornings. I was feeling blue every day – and it was pure misery.

When you form habits for self-improvement you will realize – everything you see, do, and act upon is affected by how you think and how you feel. If you always recognize this, you are well on your way to personal success.

There are many self-improvement quotes out there but take this quote to heart: “You are what you think about all day.” If you are miserable, and you continually think about how you hate your job, if all day long you think about negative thoughts, all that will come in your life are negative things.

This is the life of so many people. This is how I lived my life for so many years. But it all changed. I realized I was digging my own grave every single day! I could validate that every bad thing in my day was due to my negative thoughts which led to the lack of personal success! And I wanted a personal success story. I wasn’t going to get one unless I changed my daily thoughts!

I am continually on the road and am an ambassador for self-improvement and personal success. Validation for self-improvement is directly related to how you change your thoughts.  Things change because of that first incredible first step! Sharing your positive attitude with people is another way to have validation for self-improvement. Saying “good morning” every day to as many people you can, will change their day, and adds more power to your day.

The following video, “Validation”, on YouTube, is pure validation for self-improvement and personal success and supports my “Good Morning” rule. If everyone said “Good Morning” as a positive affirmation for themselves it will also be a positive affirmation to others around. It can change the world.

Think about it – every day, every single day, you can have an impact on 10 other people’s lives. That is powerful.

This YouTube video is powerful! Please enjoy watching it, and use it as motivation for self-improvement.

Say “good morning” to 10 people every day for self-improvement. It will change your life – and the life of 3,650 people a year. If you need validation for self-improvement, do it for 21 straight days and see what happens! If you do, that in itself is a personal success story!

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