14 Days with the Nook handheld eBook Reader The Final Decision

14 Days with the Nook eBook Reader

The Final Decision

Did it stay or did it go?

14 days ago I purchased the Nook handheld eBook Reader. I was unsure about keeping it – You can read about it here: “Handheld eBook Reader – The Nook eReader – is it worth it?” & my initial thoughts here: “14 Days with my handheld eBook Reader – 5 Reasons to buy the Nook

Time Magazine ranked the Nook handheld eBook reader #2 in “The Top 10 Everything of 2009” yet the reviews were mixed as found on this Nook Review Forum. Even here at Glenn Magas dot Com, readers preferred other eReaders: The Kindle more specifically.  So it was a hard decision to make. But here is why I decided to…

…keep the Nook.

Plain and simple – convenience.  It is the perfect handheld eBook reader! I have fewer books in my back pack, I can take the Nook anywhere I want without it being a two or three bulky books to carry around,  I can download books with ease, and it is actually fun to use!  It is a great ‘gadget’ and something that will be a part of me wherever I go.

I have no interest in buying a real book anymore. If I’m buying a book it will be for the Nook. Now, if a book so impresses me that I have to have it on my shelf, I’ll go and buy it. But there have been a ton of books that I have purchased that are really not worth space on my limited bookshelf.

The Nook, overall, does what it is supposed to do and just a tad little more. I uploaded pictures of my kids and family as the Background and Screensaver. I uploaded several PDFs that I have accumulated from the Internet.

I have yet to upload music to the Nook eBook eReader but really, I have an iPhone for listening to music if I want, and music does not have to be on a handheld eBook reader.

My son, who wants the Nook eReader, may eventually get mine, named, “Nookie” (as probably many people have named their Nook), as a hand-me-down – if I am so inclined to fork out the money for an iPad. But that is not in the immediate future right now. I’ve experienced both the iPod classic and the iPhone original and always thought, I should have waited! That being said, I didn’t wait till the next Nook version. Weird how I work isn’t it?

So, there is no rush on the iPad as a new and improved one will eventually be released right when you buy the iPad original! It always happens!

The down and dirty, the quick and not so pretty review is this: As a handheld eBook reader, the Nook does what it is supposed to do and just a little bit more. For $259, what more can you really ask?

My “Nookie” and I will be friends for a very… (well… till I have money for an iPad…) uncertain amount of time!

If you do have a brand new Nook – here’s how to set it up: “How to setup the Nook handheld eBook reader

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