Recommended Money Makers for Blogs

Recommended Money Makers for Blogs

Sometimes you can’t always get what you want

(right now that is)

I continue to check off everything I need to do according to John Chow’s Free Book: “Make Money Online” – which can be found here: “John Chow dot Com”.

I’m writing every day, I’ve signed up for Google Adsense, Kontera, Bidvertiser, and Feedburner among other things. I check comments every day and am responding to them. There are a few things I am slacking on, like visiting more forums and building a community of featured links.

I am also trying to learn different things from other sources, which I will reference later. These sources teach you how to increase traffic and learn about key words that should bring up a blog’s ranking in Google.

Well, I had a minor setback. It is minor considering the age of my blog – not even two weeks old. It would be a major setback if my blog were six months old and building a huge following with potential for more growth.

The two setbacks were:

I was denied by Review Me and Text Link Ads to place ads on my blog! It was extremely disappointing!

I signed up for these recommended money makers but, after they reviewed my blog, determined the traffic was not heavy enough yet. I need to check back in a couple of months. They base it on Alexa, Google Page Rank, RSS subscribers and other factors. What (or who) is Alexa anyway?

So my goal is to build up traffic faster than ever and get these two advertisers on my blog!

Is it possible to get 50,000 page views by the end of March? Is it possible to double that by the end of April? Is it possible, doing what I’m doing and doing a little more each and every day, to make $1,000 a month blogging by the end of June?

This is my goal. $1,000 is not a big one, but it is big enough for me to work hard at what I’m doing.

Of course you can help out! Please visit my blog daily and pass it on to your friends! Please comment and make suggestions. And if you are an experienced blogger who has made a ton of money online, please show me the way – I will do more than listen!

Review Me and Test Link Ads, you will soon be on my blog!

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