Twitter Tools – SocialOomph

Twitter Tools – SocialOomph

How to send a welcome message to all your new Twitter followers!

You get the message in your inbox or email all the time. Someone who you follow sends you a DM that says something like, “Hi, thanks for following” and it baffles you on how they could sit there and compose a message to every single person who follows them!

Well, they don’t. They use a Twitter Tool that allows them to manage tweets, send welcome messages, and handle multiple accounts if they have them.

If you are getting your feet wet with Twitter, it would be a great idea to welcome all your loyal followers with a direct message (DM) thanking them for following you.

By doing so you extend a welcome note that could help improve your business image, create a dialogue with those who respond, and create a social network that is more personal and effective!

Here’s how to use SocialOomph to create a welcome message to your new followers!

Sign up for an account at (formally called TweetLater).  There are many tools within with a free account so its best to experience them before diving in for a monthly fee.

Once you provide the pertinent information, one of these should be a API key, (If you are not shortening your links you should. More on that in another post) you can now write your welcome message – or ‘messages’ plural.

Click on the box for “Auto-Welcome”.

In the box, this is where you will type a welcome message keeping it to 140 characters max (as usual with Tweets).

It could be as simple as this: “Thanks for following me! I look forward to your Tweets!”

Once someone follows you, this message will be sent to them as a direct message (DM). If that is all you want to say, then that’s all you have to do.

Choose whether or not to:
Auto-Follow – new followers
Vet Followers – to manually approve or reject a new follower and
Auto-Unfollow – which automatically unfollows people who stop following you (in the future). Unfollow does not ‘clean up’ the past people you follow who have stopped following you.
@Replies Digest – to get emails from SocialOomph

So you set up the Welcome Tweet it that one tweet goes out to all your new followers. That’s a start. But it is better, and suggested, to have a rotation of different welcome messages.

A Spinnable welcome message means you have several alternative tweets. When it comes time to send the DM to a follower, the SocialOomph will select one of the alternate messages and send it.

To set this up you have to separate each message with a “|” (the vertical bar character).

To start writing your Spinnable welcome messages:

1. Enter the “{“ character – the open curly brace – in the first position in the box.
2. Write your message.
3. Enter the “|” character- the vertical bar character (pipe) at the end.
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for as many messages you would like to use.
5. After the last message do not type the “|” character but enter the “}” character – the close curly brace. This ends your Spinnable welcome messages!

It should look something like this:
{Thank you for following! | I appreciate the follow. | Looking forward to your tweets! | Thanks for following! Have a great day | Thanks for following! Please visit Glenn Magas Dot Com!}

Click the “Save” button to save all your updates and now you will be able to send a welcome DM to all your new followers!

From Social Networking to large and small businesses, it is a great idea to communicate with your new followers and extend your welcome so that they in turn will network with you!

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