What else Sarah Palin wrote on her hand.

What else Sarah Palin wrote on her hand.

Why are so many people in an uproar on what Sarah Palin wrote on her hand? So what? Who cares? People do it every day. Even those who are putting a slant on it have written something somewhere on their person some time or another – but I guess it is a great way to spin a story that isn’t a story isn’t it?

I read one writer who titled their post, “Palin Hand Notes are Alarming and American Public is Shocked”.

Are we shocked? I’m an American. I’m a ‘public’. I’m not shocked that she wrote notes on her hand. I am shocked that people make such a big deal about it. In the post the writer made a statement, “Uh. Shouldn’t she remember those without a note on her hand?” (referring to her ‘task list’ of things to remember).

Well, maybe we are shocked due to the unnecessary coverage Sarah Palin is getting.

Uh… people have tasks lists every day so they don’t forget things and sometimes they forget the most important thing of the day, like “Buy Milk”.

What is the difference between having a note card versus writing something on your hand.

Wait, wait, wait… What’s the difference between a 3×5 and a telepromoter? From actors to the President of the United States – they would be lost without a telepromoter! Oh, I forgot. Most of America do not realize that actors are acting and its not real. Some also believe the whole moon fiasco was faked. I guess, in a whole, the American public can be shocked that she wrote something on her hand instead of using a telepromoter.

Wait…wait…wait… if we didn’t step foot on the moon, maybe the whole note thing is just creative editing and she really didn’t write anything.

I digress… Back to her hand.

Maybe that’s how Sarah Palin does things. Some people tie strings around their wrists, or a rubber band, or put notes on the refrigerator, or schedule a calendar event on their iPhone, or set the alarm in the morning to remind them its time to wake up.

Uh… shouldn’t we remember to wake up without an alarm clock telling us we should?


Okay, so what is it that Sarah Palin wrote on her hand?

Tax Cuts (with “tax” crossed out)
Lift American Spirit

The last one is a good one. Now I’m not a huge Sarah Palin follower, unless she’s acting all ‘quacky’ on Saturday Night Live or on 30 Rock.

Okay, I agree that “Sarah Palin is often lofty.” But why are people making a big deal out of it? We see right through Sarah Palin that we don’t need to be reminded of what could have been! If she’s getting any further than staring in a reality show then yes, the American Public will then be shocked.

Sarah Palin then ended up writing, “Hi Mom” in another appearance which to me, solved everything. That’s one thing about Sarah Palin that I admire. She can be feisty, angry, and play around, laugh at herself then turn it all upside down by writing, “Hi Mom” on her hand. Uh. Shouldn’t she remember to say “Hi Mom” without having to write it on her hand?”

Yes, she stepped down as Governor and talked, past tense, about Joe Six Pack (unless she referred to him since the election hype I have no idea).

The writer made a great point – “..maybe Sarah Palin wrote the hand notes in order for people to see them.”

That’s something to think about. But I doubt it. She ain’t that smart y’know.

Too bad the media did not publish the ‘other picture’ of what she wrote on her hand.

I have exclusive rights to that photo and you’ll see it here first.

This is the other thing that Sarah Palin made sure she had on her hand.

Uh. I have no idea why she had to write this down – it’s pretty easy to remember.

You Betcha…

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