How to Donate to Haiti – Your help for Haiti can go a long way!

How to Donate to Haiti

Your help for Haiti can go a long way!

On January 12, a series of earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from 6.5 to 7.3 devastated Haiti. What can you do to help? $10 can go a long way. This is how to generate help for Haiti!

Sometimes kids amaze me. Especially mine. A week ago my 6 year old daughter gathered $10 and some change and told me she was going to donate it to the kids in Haiti. It was a program at their school called “Hats for Haiti”. The program called for donations and if you donated $6.00 you could wear a hat on a Friday Free Dress Day. Well, she donated $10.00.

At first my instincts flew in – Ten bucks? From a little girl who didn’t know the value of money? That was too much. Well, I realized it wasn’t about the amount or her interpretation of the value of money, it was about her wanting to help those who needed help. So, I didn’t say anything about the value of money but instead praised her for her generosity and care.

Well, a few days later I was on the computer and came across some videos that my she recorded. Sometimes I come across some gems – pictures she takes of herself using Apple’s Photo Booth software. I had no idea Photo Booth recorded videos until I came across the video she made on her own.

It was a plea for helping poor kids. Her intentions were to help the people in Haiti due to the earthquakes. She termed it ‘a storm’ and ‘poor kids’ as she saw all the homeless on the news. I’m assuming it affected her and she has been on the ‘help the poor’ campaign even before the earthquake but now the earthquake really ‘moved her’ so-to-speak.

I’m going to share that video here and hope her plea will serve a purpose to get someone to do something.

DO NOT SEND “US” MONEY as she suggest. The best way to donate money is through the Red Cross. This guarantees you will avoid all the scammers out there soliciting for funds.

If you go to and click on “Donate Now” you can choose between:

  • International Response Fund
  • Haiti Relief and Development
  • Disaster Relief Fund
  • Where the Need is Greatest
  • Service to Armed Forces
  • Your Local Red Cross Chapter

If you click on Haiti Relief and Development, click Continue and you can donate a gift amount of $10 or more using Visa, American Express, Master Card or Discover. Just like that you can do more with some spare change. If a 6 year old can do it, why aren’t more people doing it?

Here is the video that I titled, “Bella’s Plea for Haiti”.

Direct link to YouTube video: Bella’s Plea for Haiti

Please do something. You can ‘help us’ by going to and donating now.

NOTE: Do not send us money!

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