Blogging – How to increase traffic?


How to increase traffic?

Today I pose the question – How can I increase traffic to my blog?

I read a post by a fellow blogger and writer called, “Using social sites, forums and networking to get more page views and increase earnings” by Ruth Belena.  It makes me wonder if social sites, and forums will actually drive a significant amount of traffic to your blog. Networking helps, but how do you reach millions instead of just 300 people who are Facebook friends? Or maybe 5,000 Twitter followers? How many of those 5,300 people (if you even have them) will eventually ‘click through’ your blog on a regular basis?

Obviously, I do not have the answers right now but this is what I am trying to research. There are sites out there that suggest that they can drive traffic. But as skeptical as we all should be – are those legitimate sites or do they just want your money so that you can refer a friend who refers a friend and it ends up a big Network scam where nothing is really exchanged?

I do want to drive 50,000 page views to my blog a month and more. And although an average of 100 a day these past 3 days seems like nothing, it’s a start. The big question is: How do I multiply page views by 500 a day?

Right now this is what I have been doing:

I use Twitter to promote my blog entries instead of just my blog.
I use Facebook to try to get my friends to my blog.
I use Digg it and other social sites to get my blog out there.
And I’m joining forums that are specific to what I write about and try to drive traffic home!

Is that enough? I know the answer. Not even close.

Finding the answers to the question on how to drive more traffic to your blog brings me to sites that want ‘paid’ membership and in exchange, traffic is guaranteed. Guaranteed? Should I be skeptical?

Blogging has potential. You can make money online and you can make money blogging! It has been proven. Do all the right things and work hard at it; market your blog and you are sure to see some sort of income by blogging. How big and how small is always up to you. There is no luck involved as I have stated in previous posts and part of the work is researching things like the subject of this post.  Just hard work and persistence.

“Today starts the hard work. Tomorrow will be the persistence that will lead to success as I’ve written in this article for ‘Why luck has almost nothing to do with success.'”

Once I find answers I will definitely share it with whoever wants to know! But I would love help too!

So, if you have suggestions on how bloggers can increase traffic please, share your comments below!

As a start, here is great advice on this subject: “How can I drive more traffic to my blog?”

Thanks for reading!

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