Blogging – How to get started

Blogging – How to get started

I’m not an expert – yet. But I have a list of things I have done to get my blog off and running!

This is my first week of blogging at Glenn Magas Dot Com. I’ll be honest with you, this is going to be my main source of income. But with the income generated after, let me see, Sunday, January 31st through Thursday February 4th, I see two things.

1. If I keep it up I can eventually make whatever I want!
2. If I don’t keep it up, I have to be happy with nothing.

I want to keep people (and other potential bloggers) up-to-date, to share the truths of what to expect as you start a blog, and the work you need to do. It is simple – but not easy.

As I said, I’ll be honest with you so lets look at my earnings after 4 days of writing, setting up a blog, and learning about this industry.

I’ve made a whopping $1.77 trough AdSense, $.07 through Kontera, and $17 through Helium articles.

I look at these incredibly low numbers and think – the future is extremely bright. Most people would say it looks pretty dark. But I’ve blogged for nearly 5 years and never made a dime. Had I known back in 2005 what I know now, my life would be a different story.

This is not about the past as you can see – this is about the endless possibilities that my future will be!

I’m getting a lot of support from my wife because each time I announce my income she praises me for the hard work I’ve put in up to that point. From my “hey, I made a penny last night” to, “I made 19 cents today”, she praises me for what I have already accomplished!

In brief, this is what I’ve done – I’ll get into the details as I continue my journey.

1. Read John Chow’s free eBook titled, “Make Money Online” which can be downloaded at John Chow dot Com – This right now is my ‘bible’ to success.
2. Set up a blog and chose a ‘look’ (theme).
3. Signed up for Google Adsense and struggled with learning how to set it up – but I did.
4. Read John Chow’s free eBook titled, “Make Money Online” again
5. Signed up for Kontera through JohnChow’s eBook, “Make Money Online” so that I could get an account before the 50K/month page view requirements.
6. Learned what a plugin and a widget is.
7. Read John Chow’s free eBook titled, “Make Money Online” again and again – there is a recurring theme here and that’s to read that book!
8. Signed up to get images through stock.xchng
9. Wrote 7+ articles for Helium and 9+ articles for Glenn Magas Dot Com.
10. Signed up to several forums.
11. Read John Chow’s free eBook titled, “Make Money Online” again and again and again!
12. Signed up for Google’s Feedburner, Google Analytics and asked for help from the webmasters who developed the Arras WordPress Theme which my blog is based on.

No, that’s not all I’ve done. Within each step are other big steps hidden within. Is it overwhelming? It could be. Is it hard? Yes. Is it worth it – it will be! I am 4 days in (as I write this post) and I know more after 4 days than I’ve learned in 5 years!

Stick around, support my blog, keep reading and please, comment and I’ll make sure to comment back!

Thanks for your support!

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