Key to Success – Motivation in the Workplace – Ask for Help!

Key to Success – Motivation in the Workplace

Ask for help!

The key to success is motivation. From personal to career, motivation is the key to overall success! Here’s the problem: your ego can get in the way of your success! Whether it is a million dollar business you are in or your measly job at work; your ego will often get in the way of your opportunity for personal success! How much does your ego weigh? If you are not moving up the corporate ladder it probably weighs alot!

Here is a secret: Do you want to find the key to success? Ask for help!

If you are working hard at your career and have motivation in the workplace, but you find yourself going nowhere, it is because you probably need help and support to ‘climb the ladder’.

The dreaded 3 letter word “ego” stops you from asking help when you need it. Heck, if you are reading this now and you say you have no ego but yesterday you were blaming your lack of career growth on management – you have an ego.

Ego can affect you in other ways of success – like worrying! You worry, you dwell on that worry, you stress out about a task or goal that needs to be achieved, you pine over your lack of personal success and in the end – you fail – all because you did not ask for someone’s help. If you asked for help things would be different! What a concept!

Who knew – the key to success is to ask for help!

Think about it: Personal success is only a single question away! Asking for help improves motivation in the workplace and leads to career and success in life.

By asking for help you commit to the ultimate goal – finishing a task and being accountable and responsible for it.

Here are 3 incredible reasons why you should ask for help.

1. You are human – just like everybody else.
2. Two heads are better than one!
3. People want to help.

You need to ask for help in order to succeed. The successful, career oriented people, all had help!

1. You are human – just like everybody else.
Great athletes who stand alone atop the podium do not do it alone. They know the key to success. They had help on attaining the greatest levels of personal success in life. When they were stuck in a rut, guess what – they asked for more help!

Athletes move from one trainer to another in order to get the best help in attaining their goals. Leaders, presidents, corporate institutes, if they did not ask for help, they would not be true leaders in their field of expertise. They are all human.

Why do people, who want to attain greater career or personal success, question why they are not improving when the answer is right before their eyes? The answer: they do not ask for help. They feel it is their success if they do it alone. Their ego gets in their way and they watch others, with the help of many, climb ladders of personal success on a daily basis. Those people asked for help!

2. Two heads are better than one!
Lance Armstrong is the greatest cyclist in the history of cycling. He had a great team to get him to the podium on all his Tour de France victories. When he needed to get to the top of the mountain he asked for help. He got on the ‘wheel’ of one of his teammates and rode ‘on his back’ so to speak. It made his victory easier. He didn’t say, I’ll go at it alone (unless he absolutely had to), he said, “help me win”! And by doing so he will always be known as the greatest cyclist of the Tour de France. His personal success story is incredible!

Tiger Woods does not carry his own bags, does not determine the wind factors or what club to use on his own. For years, Steve Williams, Tiger’s caddie, has helped Tiger achieve wins. He constantly is looking for his caddie’s help! Without Steve Williams, Tiger Woods would not have attained this level of personal success!

These two individuals are achieving the greatest levels of success yet an individual who wants just a simple level of personal success is unwilling to ask for help. Why is this? Their ego gets in the way!

3. People want to help
Those people who do not want to help, well, take a look at how long they have been stuck doing what they’ve been doing. People want to help, and they want to help because it makes them feel good. There are many basic human needs – acceptance, social, and self-actualization – by asking someone for help, you fulfill many needs.

If you are around like-minded individuals, and these individuals are willing to help, you are around the right people. There is motivation in the workplace and it rubs off on everyone! If you are around people who do not like to help – find other people! Negativity rubs off on everyone!

Don’t let your ego get in the way of your success. It’s not easy to do but you just have to do it.

Do not stop educating yourself! There are things to do on your own. Sharpen ‘the saw’ – your brain! You don’t have to be the smartest person to be successful – you need to be a committed and willing person to work with people to attain your goals! And, you need to ask for help! Without it, what will be the reward at the end? It is lonely at the top so bring people with you!

Step back and look at who you are, ‘why’ you want career or personal success, then go get help! That, is the key to success!

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