Ingredients to Success in Life – Think and Grow Rich

Ingredients to Success in Life

Think and Grow Rich

Have you heard the saying: “Think and grow rich,” or “You are what you think about on a daily basis,” or “All that you are is a result of what you have thought.” You can find these sayings all over the place and there is a reason: They are true and powerful and they contribute to  personal success in life.

“Before you change your thinking, you have to change what goes into your mind.” Zig Ziglar

So the question is: “What are you thinking about?” Are you willing to think and grow rich?

The book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill remains the biggest seller of Napoleon Hill’s books, selling a claimed 30 million copies over the next 70 years… (Wikipedia)

Why is this and why is it so popular? Well, lets go back to the second quote in this article: “You are what you think about on a daily basis”. If you want to be rich, then think and grow rich!

What are you thinking about? If this was an article about photography, you are probably a photographer. That is what you think about.

Obviously, you are reading this article and are ‘seeking’ some sort of secret to success in life – but there is no secret – just go to the book store and buy a book on success – then take action steps to make it happen. If you want to think and grow rich, or achieve success, then continue that thought every day. Then take action! That’s who you will become!

The goal for you, if you want to think and grow rich, or to succeed in anything you do, should be to find out who you are through self-awareness. An important process of self-improvement and motivation is to understand what drives your thought. If your daily thought patterns are of negativity and of failure, you are sure to fail. On the opposite end, you can think and grow rich and achieve personal success in anything.

Below are 3 incredible “Ingredients to Success in Life”.

These are age-old truths, tried and true ingredients, and hard-core steps on how to impress your thoughts into the creation of how to think and grow rich!

“A man that is capable of an original thought can impress his thoughts onto a formless substance and cause the creation of the thing he thinks about.” Wallace Wattles – author of “The Science of Success”

3 Ingredients to Success in Life:

1. Define achievable goals for personal success in life
2. Have a clear vision of your goals
3. Believe and have faith

There is only one thing to do about it and that is to ask yourself, “What are you thinking about?” This embodies all three ingredients above.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” Buddha

1. Define achievable goals for personal success in life
If you want to succeed, make sure your goals are defined and in your thoughts on a daily basis!

If your goal is to get out of debt, that’s all you will ever be: in debt! Change that thought into a positive thought and think about creating wealth. The end result: you work your way out of debt by creating wealth!

If your goal is to lose weight, don’t think about the foods you cannot eat, think about everything you can do to achieve a healthy lifestyle!

Think about what good foods to eat that leads to health! If you continue to think about all the things you can’t do, those are negative thoughts and you end up doing them.

It is the positive thoughts that drive you to better health! When healthy living is a goal, think about the things you can do! Make those things positive!

2. Have a clear vision of your goals
If you want to use your thoughts to think and grow rich or to achieve personal success, you need to think about wealth and have a clear vision of what it looks like. Imagine the life, the vacations, the freedom you will have by creating wealth. Do not think about how much you owe on a credit card. Think about money you are putting away, saving, and using to build your wealth.

Have a vision of how paying an extra $100 on a credit card bill is working towards building wealth – not cutting debt! Don’t look at debt as a never-ending cycle of bills and interest payments, but the proverbial bank account that you are depositing more into in order to achieve wealth!

See ‘you’ as a wealthy and a person of success. Live as a wealthy person, and become a wealthy person. Put this vision plan into action because if you do not have a plan, you will not attain success in life.

3. Believe and have faith
You cannot become rich and wealthy unless you have faith that you can think and grow rich!

There is a misconception that a wealthy person can think like a wealthy person because they are already wealthy. This is not true. Their thought process on wealth came way before they their wealth. They thought, with the concept of wealth in their minds, they had faith, and they worked to succeed!  They learned how to think and grow rich before they were rich!

The wealthy people believed and had faith that they would succeed in creating wealth. Their commitment was to achieve their goals and they defined them, had a clear vision and had faith.

Faith is in the head; it is in the heart; it embodies you. If you look at your life and see no successes, then you will believe you are always going to be a failure. If you start listing all the things you have succeeded in, and build on those things on a daily basis, you are on the road to success instead of failure!

People do not even realize how many things they have had success in.  You should recognize these levels of success, believe and have faith that you can accomplish more, and think and grow rich! Of course ‘rich’ is relative to each person’s goals, but ‘rich’ in thought can lead to many other riches: from health, higher education, and wealth.

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” Peace Pilgrim

Negative thoughts are the roadblocks, they are the thoughts that beat you up inside, and they are the thoughts that stop you from achieving personal success. This is what gets in the way of any type of success and this is what creates it!

Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Your imagination is the thought process to keep you on track, to see yourself achieving goals, and the end result – ultimate success!

Imagine that: changing your thoughts can change your life. “Positive thinking” isn’t just a simple saying – it is a life changing process. Think positive and imagine your way to personal success! Yes, “Think and grow rich!”

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