Beginning Photography – Canon Rebel T1i

Beginning Photography
Canon Rebel T1i is the Aperture of my Eye

(aka the Canon 500D)

Put a Nikon, Canon, or Sony camera in front of an amateur photographer and the pictures they take will be exactly the same. The point: It doesn’t matter what brand the camera is, what matters is the eye the photographer. Learning as much as you can on how to be a better photographer will make you a better photographer! If you are beginning photography, improve your pictures by learning a little something on photography every day, week, or month!

That being said, I prefer Canon cameras; starting with a Canon AE1 Program and EOS 630 film cameras way back when, to a couple of G-Series (2 & 6) cameras to photograph my babies, to my most recent point and shoot, a Canon SX200is and now my first SLR in 20 plus years, a Canon Rebel T1i. I learned a little here and there on how to be a better photographer but never dived head first into the process.

Canon Rebel T1i (500d)

The Canon Rebel T1i

For those who want to take advantage of an SLR camera’s functionality and to shoot outside the automatic creative mode, and in ‘M’ mode, as they say, the Canon Rebel T1i is the perfect bridge for someone who wants to go from a point and shoot to a quality SLR. From the price to the quality, the Canon T1i is top of its class!

So this is my Canon T1i experience!

I am not a professional photographer but am serious about knowing as much as I can about photography and how I can be a better photographer. If ever I move the dial to the ‘green zone’ on the SLR it is only to hand it over to my wife to take a few shots on the fly. Other than that, I am in full control of aperture, speed, ISO and of course, composition.

I truly believe, and this is why I did not purchase an SLR camera during my children’s younger years, is that an SLR camera is not to be treated like a point and shoot, but a camera to capture what you see when you see it. Yes, this means capturing the perfect exposure… er… well, the ‘correct’ exposure. And even with modes like aperture-priority, and shutter-priority, I love having complete control of my shots and shoot in full manual mode 99.9% of the time.

I learned this, after being an owner of the Canon Digital T1i for about 9 weeks. I am still in the beginning photography phase, but I hope to improve by taking more pictures and learning more about the camera as I shoot!

If you are one of ‘those’ who have the money to buy an SLR like the Canon EOS T1i and shoot where the white line meets the green box, I just have to shake my head and wonder why. What are you going to accomplish? Most likely: an underexposed portrait due to back lighting, gray skies on a bright blue day, and group photos with everyone’s knees cut off.

As you discover how to be a better photographer, all the aforementioned will always be in your mind! Lighting, composition, exposure, speed, etc. It is amazing what you think about once you understand what you really want out of a photograph – and a camera for that matter.

Hey, you can do that with a $99 point and shoot – remember: it’s not the camera! It’s the photographer. So, learn how to be a better photographer and the better camera will add so much more to your pictures!

I love my Canon Rebel T1i and the only way I can show the love is to shoot a lot of pictures and to expose correctly whether it’s trial by error, by bracketing, or just getting used to ‘my’ common areas of photography: like the living room or front yard at high noon and my go to area – the porch in the shade! You have to learn the camera, be one with the camera, learn Zen and the Art of exposure if there is such a thing.

The point is, and this is the ‘how to’ section of this review: I need to be willing to understand ISO, aperture settings, and speed. As well as utilizing the many features:  focus points, spot metering, white balance, and picture style. Beginning photography means improving your photography techniques just by simply learning composition and the rule of 3rds as soon as you can and you’ll feel like a seasoned SLR photographer!

Look at that. That’s 9 weeks in and I’m ‘acting’ like I know what I’m talking about. But I do! Kinda. I know it because I want to know it – the Canon T1i camera gave me a sense of purpose and that purpose is to shoot better pictures and being in control of how I shoot the picture!

It is not that hard to learn the basics that will improve your craft and in following articles I will delve into the amateur’s view of learning the camera. I find it easier learning from someone who doesn’t have to get too technical but says, choose the aperture and here’s the reason why… Then make the line in the view finder hit center or to the left a little.  Then focus and press the button!

Yes, it’s as  simple as that. And if you are a Canon fan, as I am, and you are willing to improve your skills as a photographer, which you should, then stay tuned and learned more about this expensive hobby you just got yourself into!

Oh, by the way, the Canon Rebel T1i is the perfect SLR camera for anyone who wants to learn more about photography but did not know how to start.

I love this camera and I hope you liked this Canon T1i review!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

For Canon enthusiasts, please join the Photography on the Net forums dedicated to Canon owners. Look me up there, I’m “HungryWriter”.

Here are a few simple steps on “How to be a better Photographer

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