Google Adsense – First Things First

Google Adsense – First Things First

“First Things First” as I always say. From Stephen Covey to my 6 year old daughter and everyone in my family in between – it has to be “First Things First”. And the first thing was done yesterday – I started a blog. The ‘first thing’ today – Google Adsense.


As we all know, in order to earn money online you need to start with the most obvious. But the most obvious may not be as simple as you think. Once you learn it, and it took me about 30 minutes, and you do it every day, tomorrow will be day two, things will come much easier. So today I figured out how to include a Google Adsense thingamagig into my blog.

Its not pretty, but it is on which accomplishes one of the more daunting tasks of earning money online – working and learning.

This blog post includes a Google ad… The pages ‘should’ in theory, include one as well to the right.

The process was simple. Go to Google, create an account, have it approved (which I did a few weeks ago because I had planned on doing this blog) and figure it out from there.


WordPress allows me to edit the code for each page, if that’s what you call it, so I copied the code from Google and inserted into where I thought was the appropriate place. It was the sidebar.php. I do not know how to program, but I do have a pretty good idea of picking up keywords that I then apply to what I see on the website. I found “Blogroll” and figured, hey, that’s where the code for Blogroll is and I inserted the code for my Google Ad.

I believe this is like a ‘note’ code <!- – enter note here – -> and I made note that my ad was after that code and before another <!- – end note here – -> (there should be two dashes together on each ‘dash’) I updated, and viola – it worked!


Now to add images to my blog to give it a little flare. As you see, there is a thumbnail above each entry on the home page. But how do you do that? Well, after trial and error, I didn’t figure it out. So I clicked on the information about my current theme (Arras Theme 1.3.5 by Melvin Lee) and the first thing that was discussed is the thumbnail. Hmm, its simple when you read the instructions right?

Well, if images are that easy, so too could be the Google Adsense code right?


That’s where Easy Peasy comes in. It is a ‘plugin’ (and I don’t have a definition for that right now) that you ‘plug in’ to your wordpress dashboard that makes things easier – in theory. Well, this plugin made inserting Google Adsense code easy! I just followed the instructions and there you have it! Whomever invented instructions was a genius!


In order to refrain from ‘stealing’ images from other websites, I decided to go the ‘legal’ route. But with limited funds in my non-existent bank account, I had to do it the free way. So the free way is to search the internet and find a way to pull images for my blog. There are many monthly subscriptions out there, but this one, stock.xchnge has free images (not all but many useful ones)! I just download the image I want onto my MacBook then upload into a blog. Which reminds me, I should write these blogs in MS Word first or risk a crash that sends the post into oblivion.

I’m taking steps folks. One day at a time. One image, one blog post, one penny earned at a time.

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