Make Money Online – It starts today

Make Money Online – It starts today

Yes, it starts today. On the heels and guidance of John Chow Dot Com my venture into the blogging universe is off to a start. No, its not the first time I’ve blogged having managed several blogs from screenwriting, triathlon and self improvement and motivation, this blog is now about making money online. If you want to do what I’m doing, go to John Chow’s website and Get your FREE copy of his eBook by signing up.


My blogs are not going to be written as a focus to make money online, but to provide content that I know about and will learn about. I will share the whole process on how I am managing a blog, my stats on earning money online, and how I will make a living from blogging. I will make this happen. Does that make sense? I’m writing to write right now so whatever I spew is whatever I post.


There are a lot of things to learn. I’ve read the free John Chow Dot Com pdf and will continue to reread, learn, and do exactly what it says to do. Step by step, blog by blog, advertising by advertising, and as leaders all know – if you put yourself in the path of the successful you too can be successful. Just do what the successful people do!  There is no need to rewrite the book, or reinvent the wheel, or build a new plan of success. It is already done so now I need to follow it.

Follow me on my journey. Follow me as I build my blog, write about triathlon, health, life, technology, family, kids, making money online, writing, and everything else that comes my mind.

I’d ask you to wish me luck – but as we all know, there is no luck involved. Just hard work and persistence. Today starts the hard work. Tomorrow will be the persistence that will lead to success as I’ve written in this article for “Why luck has almost nothing to do with success.”

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